Reel Nightmare (2017)

Reel Nightmare Subtitles

Fantasy, Horror, Mystery

2017 Year 78 Mins 3.7 Imdb

Madeleine Heil, Garrett Morosky, Andres Mejia Vallejo, Armand Petri

Reel Nightmare is a movie starring Madeleine Heil, Garrett Morosky, and Andres Mejia Vallejo. Three beautiful, vengeful witches awakened by an ancient book, the Necronomicon, bring production of a film in their old family home to a...

Carnivore (1970)

Carnivore Subtitles


1970 Year 80 Mins 2.6 Imdb

Steven Walker, Jack Solem, J. Douglas Martner, Michael Hogan

Carnivore is a movie starring Steven Walker, Jack Solem, and J. Douglas Martner. A government experiment goes totally wrong as a creature confined in a hidden lab inside and abandoned house escapes. Afterwards, some teens show up to...

House of Afflictions (2017)

House of Afflictions Subtitles

Horror, Thriller

2017 Year 95 Mins 4.2 Imdb

Michelle Darkin Price, Stefan Boehm, Penelope Butler, Lindsey Parr

House of Afflictions is a movie starring Michelle Darkin Price, Stefan Boehm, and Penelope Butler. House Of Afflictions takes place in the late 1970's and tells the story of Kate Beckley (Michelle Darkin-Price) once UK's best...

Bunni (2013)

Bunni Subtitles


2013 Year 60 Mins 3.7 Imdb

Sara Ammons, Daniel Benedict, Johnny Bilson, Eli Blue

Bunni is a movie starring Sara Ammons, Daniel Benedict, and Johnny Bilson. Following a Halloween party, an attractive girl and her friends must fight to escape the nightmarish dwelling of a twisted killer with a dark secret.

Suicide Girls Must Die! (2010)

Suicide Girls Must Die! Subtitles


2010 Year 97 Mins 3.2 Imdb

Amina, Bailey Suicide, Bully Suicide, Daven Suicide

Suicide Girls Must Die! is a movie starring Amina, Bailey Suicide, and Bully Suicide. When twelve nude models for the infamous begin disappearing from a remote cabin, the calendar video they are shooting becomes the...

The Last House (1970)

The Last House Subtitles


1970 Year 91 Mins 3.3 Imdb

Joanna Angel, Ezra Buzzington, Jack Forcinito, Ricardo Gray

The Last House is a movie starring Joanna Angel, Ezra Buzzington, and Jack Forcinito. After his girlfriend is kidnapped by a satanic trio of escaped mental patients, a young man must rescue her from a Hollywood home before their...

Bad Ronald (1974)

Bad Ronald Subtitles

Drama, Horror, Thriller

1974 Year 74 Mins 6.9 Imdb

Scott Jacoby, Pippa Scott, John Larch, Dabney Coleman

Bad Ronald is a TV movie starring Scott Jacoby, Pippa Scott, and John Larch. A perverted teenage boy who lives in the walls of a house finds the house sold to a family after his mother dies, and he falls for one of the new residents.

Jengo Hooper (2013)

Jengo Hooper Subtitles

Action, Horror, Thriller

2013 Year 92 Mins 6.4 Imdb

Alan Baptiste, Dustin Lee Burgess, Ben Chapman, Share Cherrie

Jengo Hooper is a movie starring Alan Baptiste, Dustin Lee Burgess, and Ben Chapman. A man named Jake Weaver stumbles across an old Jailakung board which he played around with not knowing it would open up the gates of hell. A...

Sharkenstein (2016)

Sharkenstein Subtitles

Action, Adventure, Comedy, Horror, Sci-Fi, Thriller

2016 Year 85 Mins 2.3 Imdb

Greta Volkova, James Carolus, Titus Himmelberger, Jeff Kirkendall

Sharkenstein is a movie starring Greta Volkova, James Carolus, and Titus Himmelberger. In the final days of World War II, a secret experiment to weaponize sharks is shut down and destroyed by the Third Reich. But now 60 years later,...

Edogawa Ranpo ryôki-kan: Yaneura no sanposha (1976)

Edogawa Ranpo ryôki-kan: Yaneura no sanposha Subtitles

Crime, Horror, Mystery

1976 Year 76 Mins 5.9 Imdb

Junko Miyashita, Renji Ishibashi, Hiroshi Chô, Kyôichi Mizuki

Edogawa Ranpo ryôki-kan: Yaneura no sanposha is a movie starring Junko Miyashita, Renji Ishibashi, and Hiroshi Chô. The landlord of a boarding house in 1923 Tokyo, is keen on spying on the bizarre close encounters taking place...